AES – transparent blockchain technology providing solutions for gambling projects. The logic of projects is realized on the Ethereum smart contracts and excludes the influence of human factor. We provide fully open access to algorithms.
AES – The first software vendor for High Risk projects based on a blockchain.
Our task is to create software that will become the industry standard in the future. Holders of the AES token receive dividends from commissions of investors which use our, hyip, casinos, bookmaking solutions and lotteries using blockchain technology. Community can vote influencing developments.

Each subscriber at the end of the ICO will receive 1 AES token.

Starting the contract FirstHonest Hyip planned a month after the launch of the ICO. Just then, the holders of the tokens will see the first commission on the contract AES Stocks and will be able to receive dividends, until the end of the ICO. Thus, even before entering the stock exchange, we will ensure the growth of the token AES.
Soon you will see new contracts with the web interface. The technology will be aimed at attracting many partners. Anyone can open their blockсhain casino or blockсhain lottery. Each of the partner’s clients will pay commission to a contract AES Stocks.

Uniqueprinciple of the AES platform

Схема работы AES
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The AES Stocks contract accumulates the commission in ETH received from investors which using our software. At any time you can check how much ETH is on the contract.
Amount of ETH, which may receive the token holder, is proportional to the amount ETH available on contract, as well as the number of available tokens. Contract sends the ETH only in exchange for tokens, nobody but the holder token can recieve ETH.

Uniquenessthe AES project

Wide target audience
Developed solutions for the High Risk investment are targeted at implementation in projects: casinos, lotteries, virtual bookmakers, hyip projects. The solutions we offer will become industry standards in the future. Becoming a investor of ICO, you are making a safe investment in your future.
We are first
Currently, there is no single software vendor based on the blockchain in the High Risk industry. Our project is unique and offers technological solutions. The project is an inseparable part of blockchain technology, therefore it will gain wide popularity among users.
Perfect technology
Blockchain is the ideal solution for increasing transparency and trust in high risk projects. Technology allows, with proper anonymity, to ensure openness and trust in HR projects from users, and not subject to state regulation.
Unique ICO
In the ICO project market, no one has previously offered to users the payment of dividends irrespective of the exchange rate. A unique model of dividend payment, can bring more than 900% per annum to ETH. Holders of tokens receive dividends, depending on the share owned by it. Explore our WhitePaper to learn more.

ProspectsHR market

Casino - 48 bbillions $
Lottery - 115 billions $
Bookmaker market - 53 billions $
HYIP projects - 25 billions $
Market size
According to data from open sources, the market turnover of High Risk is more than $ 193 billion in year. The annual increase is about $ 18 billion. Every year the indicator grows.
Our solutions will attract many new customers from all over the world through full openness and predictability. We advocate full openness in accordance with the blockchain standards.
Profit AES
Absolutely every holder of AES tokens will receive dividends. The dividend payment fund is formed from a small commission paid by the investor of High Risk contract
Amount of purchase in ETH
Bonus amount
>1 ETH 20%
>0.9 ETH 15%
>0.6 ETH 10%
>0.3 ETH 5%
Number of tokens on sale
Bonus amount
>400.000 AES 20%
>300.000 AES 15%
>200.000 AES 10%
>100.000 AES 5%
Days from start  ICO
Bonus amount
<3 day 20%
<5 day 15%
<10 day 10%
<20 day 5%

Issue of Tokenswithin ICO

Command - 100 000 tokens
Bounty- 400 000
ICO Sale - 500 000
If several conditions are met, the bonus amount is summed up.
Ethereum Account
You will receive tokens AES:
Your discount:

Projected revenue:

Amount of tokens:
In eth:



Reasonsto grow a token

Growth of partner projects
Solutions created by the AES team will be used by partners to organize HR projects. Each of which will bring profit to holders of the AES token.
The growth of the AES token rate
The issue of the token is strictly limited, we use unique technologies that were not previously available on the market. interest of large market participants in the development of our project.
Growth rate ETH
In addition to calculating the growth rate of AES, we forecast an increase in the ETH rate. Using ETH, we diversify the risks of the investor participating in the ICO.
Project growth
The increase in the number of iterations of the First Honest Hyip contract to 1,000,000 per month provides a net dividend budget of 18,000 ETH for one year, This is an income of 900% per annum for the holders of the token. This calculation was made without taking into account the iterations of other contracts.

Road MapAES platforms